Only Representatives (OR)

Turk REACH Regulation as “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” as abbreviation of KKDİK was published in the Official Gazette dated 23.06.2017 and numbered 30105 and entered into force.  

According to KKDIK Regulation all importers in Turkey, must register substances to the system of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization if the imported substance is more than 1 tonne. But, KKDIK regulation allows the producers abroad to appoint an “Only Representative” firm at Turkey for registration. Only representative firm of the manufacturer adds the importers to the “supplier list” during the registration. In this way, eliminating the registration obligations of importers in Turkey. 

Manufacturers that outside of Turkey, to sell products to national Turkey market, in order to fulfill its obligations under Turk REACH-KKDIK must be assign an Only Representatives (OR).

As Bilçev Engineering, the scope of our Only Representation service is as follows;

  • Performing Pre-Registration (Pre-MBDF)
  • To follow the activities of the foreign manufacturer before the MBDF (Substance Information Exchange Forum) and to make the necessary information in case of occurrence,
  • To provide communications in consortiums to be affiliated with.
  • Determining the necessary tests in the preparation of technical files and monitoring the activities
  • To prepare Chemical Safety Reports,
  • Preparing the Registration Files of the producer and making their entries in the Chemical Registration System of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization until December 31, 2023,


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