Seveso Notice / Reporting

A white gas cloud spread to the environment as a result of the explosion in a reactor producing trichlorophenol (TCP) on 10 July 1976 at the ICMESA Chemical Company factory in the town of Seveso, 20 km from Milan in Italy, and it has been understood that this toxic gas is dioxin, one of the most toxic gases known to date. After the incident, animal deaths started to be seen in the town in a short time, and 5 days after the explosion, admissions to the hospital started. As a result of the controls, it was understood that a large area of ​​the town was completely contaminated and about 100 houses were completely evacuated.

After this accident that took place in the town of Seveso in Italy in 1976, the Seveso Directive (82/501 / EEC), which was prepared in order to prevent the occurrence of industrial accidents and to take the necessary measures, was adopted and on 9 December 1996 the "Dangerous Goods Directive on the Control of Major Accident Risks (Seveso-II Directive) ”was published.

In Turkey, the prevention of major industrial accidents in organizations that contain hazardous substances and minimize their harm to the probable accidents to people and the environment in order, "Great for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents and the Regulations on Mitigation of Impacts" 12/30/2013 date and 28867 numbered Official Gazette and entered into force.

In this context, it is stipulated that all industrial facilities holding dangerous chemicals must notify the Ministry. The regulation brought the concepts of Lower Tier and Upper Tier Establishment.

In this context, by Bilçev Engineering;

  • Level Detection of Your Facility (Non-Hazardous, Lower Tier or Upper Tier Establishment)
  • Making notifications through the ministry system
  • Preparation of MAPP
  • Preparation of Emergency Plans
  • Security Management System Establishment and Reporting
  • Risk Assessments and Modeling studies are carried out.


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